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6 wins in a row - Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG continued his winning streaks in the Race 8 of 2015 AFR Series

With the sky clearing after the beating of the typhoon on the First Day (Saturday) of the Round, it began to look like a good day for the Races. True to the word, from the minute the Green Flag was waved, the intensity of the competition was very obvious. In the Class A Category, Maxx Ebenal (BlackArts Racing) started from Pole and immediately took the lead. He was followed very closely by Dan Wells of BlackArts Racing by KCMG and Garnet Patterson of KCMG. Not to be outpaced, Najiy Ayyad bin Abd Razak (S&D Motorsports) followed closely. Further down the field, in the Class B Category, Andy Zheng (Team KRC) was leading his category followed very closely by Leo Wong (BlackArts Racing) and Sebastien Mailleux (PS Racing). The fine weather allowed great Racing and the Drivers began to start clocking good times. Maxx Ebenal was driving beautifully until he lost his drive and his paddle shift was not responding to the changes and eventually had to give up and parked at the side. This gave the win to Dan Wells also of BlackArts Racing by KCMG to be followed home by Garnet (KCMG) and Najiy Ayyad (S&D Motorsports). Class B Category was won by Andy Zhang (Team KRC) to be followed home by Sebastien from and David Lau that both of them were from PS Racing. Master Trophy goes to Leo Wong from BlackArts Racing. With the completion of this Round 4, the entourage now moves to the Zhuhai International Circuit for Round 5 (Race 9 & 10). Source: