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BlackArts Racing by KCMG Dan Wells continued his 5th winning streaks in 2015 AFR Series Round 7 Race at Shanghai International Circuit

Round 7 Race of AFR Series had started on 11th July 12:50pm. Due to the heavy rain, the official decided to do rolling start and which also made the race be more exciting. Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG was going through the straightway side by side with Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing, followed by Darma Hutomo from ART Racing Team and Garnet Patterson from KCMG. The last corner of the first lap was surprised because the second car Darma appeared at that point when pole position Dan was almost turning in at the first corner of lap 2. Darma had to chase the car in front, while he also needed to keep an eye of Maxx at the back, which benefited Dan to spread the lead. Garnet and Najiy from S&D Motorsports were standing at the 3rd and 4th respectively, but they chose to maintain the pace instead of pushing in order to avoid any mistakes making before the end of the race. Class B Andy Zheng from Team KRC took the lead from the start of the race and obtained the 6th overall in the race, and he is the only Class B driver that can finish the race with 10 laps. Terence Tse, who drove the AFR for the first time, had disappointedly spun out during the middle of the race and missed the chance to grab the trophy home. In concluded, Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG took his 5th trophies home, 2nd place goes to Darma while Garnet took the 3rd. Class B Andy Zheng kept his winning streaks and 2nd place was James Runacres from ART Racing Team, while 3rd place goes to David Lau from PS Racing. Master Trophy was obtained by Leo Wong from BlackArts Racing. Source: