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2015 Asian Formula Renault Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing took the lead in the qualifying of Round 7-8

2015 Asian Formula Renault qualifying had finished on 11th July morning. The weather continued to be so bad that the rain kept falling heavily. Drivers had no choice but to use wet tires to clock their fastest lap during qualifying. Although most of the drivers had experienced rainy track during test day, they were trying to drive in a safe and stable pace. Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing had made his best lap of 2:27.323 to the pole position for the race upcoming in the afternoon. Chasing behind was the 4-win-in-a-row driver Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG, clocking his fastest lap with 2:27.555, following by Darma Hutomo from ART Racing Team and Garnet Patterson from KCMG with only a gap of a second among the top 4 cars. Class B was still leading by Andy Zheng all along the series, clocking 2:37.438 the fastest lap, followed by first time AFR driver Terence Tse, with a gap of 1.2 seconds only. Since the track condition was very bad in the middle of the race, drivers were spinning out including Ni Weiliang from ART Racing Team, David Lau from PS Racing and Darma. Despite the incident occurred during the qualifying, most of the drivers had clocked a satisfactory lap time and getting well prepared for the race. First official race will be starting at 12:35pm the same day. Source: