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4 winnings in a row - Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG took double win in ZIC Pan Delta

After obtaining the champion from the 1st race in 2015 AFR Series ZIC Pan Delta June, Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG won again in the 2nd round with 7 seconds advantage. The result brought him at the top of the drivers' ranking of 2015 AFR Series. Other than the ranking, he also clocked the fastest lap time in both races, proving himself a strong driver. Also, his teammate Maxx Ebenal took the 1st runner-up in this race which brought BlackArts Racing Team two trophies back home in a single race. The rain before the race made the official to decide as "WET TRACK", but they resumed to "DRY TRACK" 2 mins after due to the weather became good again. James Runacres from ART Racing Team was not able to start the car during formation lap, forcing him to start in the pit lane. Once the race start, KCMG driver Garnet Patterson was being overtook by Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing and Darma Hutomo from ART Racing Team. Maxx also passed Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team in the first corner of the second lap. At the same time, Ni Weiliang from ART Racing Team was injuried from a minor impact and retired. Dan was leading the race since the halfway through the race, although Maxx and Pu Jun Jin were trying so hard to catch up, the 7 seconds gap was oo much for them to chase. Dan successfully defended his 4th champion in this season, while Maxx obtained the second and Pu Jun Jin took the third. Class B difference was even more obvious. Shigemoto Shimono from Heart Forex Buzz Racing took another easy win with over 25 second gaps with the second place, Team KRC driver Min Heng. The third goes to Sebastien Maillieux from PS Racing, and Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing took the Master Trophy. Source: