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Keep winning - Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG obtained another trophy in Pan Delta June

2015 Asia Formula Renault R5 race in Pan Delta Super Racing Festival had finished at 3:20pm on 20th June. Defending champion driver Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG took the lead in the grid after clocking the fastest lap during qualifying. Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing team at the second, and Garnet Patterson from KCMG were standing at the back of Dan. The race was delayed due to the accident from the last race, but it didn't affect any teams and drivers. KRC driver Min Heng failed to start the car during formation lap and forced to start the race from the pit lane. Darma Hutomo from ART Racing Team and Najiy Ayyad from S&D Motorsports were given a penalty due to jump start. Pu Jun Jin was having trouble in making a great launch and got passed by Darma and Garnet. Even Garnet made a perfect start; he was not able to pass Dan who also made a great start. Accident was happening right after the first corner, and it affected Thomas Swift from PS Racing, Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing and Liu Kai from ART Racing Team. In the end only Liu was able to return to the race and the other two drivers retired. Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing made an astonishing overtook from 13th to 6th, and he climbed up to the 4th after the Safety Car was shown during the race, it also closed the gap between Garnet and Dan in the last lap. However Dan was able to defend his teammate from stealing the champion and won again since the last race in Sepang F1 Circuit. Garnet took the 2nd and Pu Jun Jin obtained the 3rd. Class B champion Shigetomo Shimono from Heart Forex Buzz Racing made a wide gap with the drivers at the back and took the first easy winning in 2015 AFR Series. Sebastien Maillieux from PS Racing took the 1st runner-up and Sky Ling took the 3rd place. Source: