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Heated Up - Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG grabbed the pole for the AFR Race 3 in qualfying

2015 Asian Formula Renault qualifying in Pan Delta Super Racing Festival had started at 9:05am on 20th June. There were a total of 17 cars particpating the race, and there were two new teams joining, which were Champ Motorsports and Heart Forex Buzz Racing. Shigetomo Shimono had also joined Heart Forex Buzz Racing this time and looking forward to take the trophy back home. During the first lap of qualifying, Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team had clocked the personal fastest lap of 1:38.944, making over a second difference among other opponents. However, drivers were heated up in the second lap, including Dan Wells, Garnet Patterson, Maxx Ebenal and Darma Hutomo. Unforunately, James Runacres from ART Racing Team blew up the engine during the third lap and oil was leaking on the track. The official had raised the red flag due to safety concern. 10 mins later the qualifying was resumed and Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG clocked 1:36.890, who was the only one that can made the lap time within 1:37.000. Although Pu Jun Jin, Maxx Ebenal and Darma Hutomo kept pushing the lap time, they were not able to catch Dan Wells. Liu Kai from ART Racing Team did very well for the first time racing in AFR Series and standing in the 6th among Class A. Shigetomo Shimono from Class B made a wide gap with the rivals behind and clocked 1:40.034. Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing was leading in the Master Trophy. Source: