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0.281 second difference, Maxx Ebenal won the 2nd round of 2015 Asian Formula Renault Series Champion

After the fight on Saturday for the 1st round of Asian Formula Renault Series, the drivers were ready for the 2nd round in the last day of Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. The pole for 2nd race would be the second fastest during qualifying, which meant Maxx Ebenal will be starting with advantage. The formation lap was smooth and they can all start right after without any issues. When the red lights were out, cars in the front were approaching and turning into the first corner almost the same time. It kept happen until Turn 4, while Darma Hutomo from ART Racing Team overspeed and left the track. Unfortunately he could not be able to resume and retired from the race. Dan Wells from KCMG by BlackArts Racing was the first car to reach Turn 4 but Darma Hutomo touched his front wing when he slided out off the track, causing Dan going back to the Pit area to change the nose during the Safety Car showed up due to two cars spun out in the middle of Turn 9 and left the track in Turn 14 respectively. Once the race resumed, Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing and Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team to narrow the gap between Garnet Patterson from KCMG. After the race resumed, Maxx passed Garnet in Turn 4 by perfect braking point. Pu Jun Jin also took the chance to pass Garnet as well by squeezing into the inside line. However, Garnet took revenge on Pu Jun Jin at Turn 12 on the same lap. Until lap 8, Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team was in a close fight with Garnet Patterson from KCMG in front. When they reached Turn 4 again, Pu Jun Jin was able to pass Garnet Patterson from the inside, but was not able to turn into the corner and left the track, leaving Garnet’s only opponent Maxx Ebenal. Garnet tried to pass Maxx in every single corner, however the opportunity didn’t come before crossing the finish line. In the end, Maxx won the 2nd round of 2015 Asian Formula Renault Series with just 0.281 seconds difference between Garnet Patterson. Ni Weiliang from ART Racing won the 2nd runner-up. For Class B, although Markus Engel from PS Racing Team was able to give a lot of pressure to Andy Zheng from Team KRC, he had put a lot of concentration to defend his teammate Thomas Swift and James Runacres from ART Racing Team. By the time he cleared his back, Andy has already pulled off a gap and it is too late for Markus to challenge him again. Andy Zheng from Class B had gone through the second race with no pressure like the first round, leaving him another trophy in the first two rounds of 2015 Asian Formula Renault Series. 1st and 2nd runner-up were again Markus Engel and Thomas Swift, while Markus obtained the second Master trophy throughout the first two AFR races in 2015. Source: