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2015 Asian Formula Renault Series Round 1 MaxxEbenal won the first race

Race 1 of 2015 Asian Formula Renault Series at the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival at Zhuhai completed its Race this afternoon on 21st March. A total of 6 teams and 15 drivers completed the 10 laps Race. During the formation lap, Sebastien Maileux from PS Racing Team spun out at Turn 11 and the race was delayed for 5 minutes. When the race was restarted, Daniel Philip Wells was not able to start the car and was pushed back to the pit. The race was then restarted with another additional formation lap, while Daniel had no choice but to start from pit lane. The race finally got underway at 2:24pm. James Runacres from ART Racing Team and Umar Bin Abdul Rahman from S&D Motorsports stalled their cars at the grid and were left behind the group. DarmaHutomo from ART Racing Team had a great start. However, Maxx Ebenal was able to catch up with him at Turn 4 of the second lap and passedDarma with astonishing cornering technique. Class B driver Andy Zheng maintained his pace from the first lap till the finish line with no pressure. NajiyAyyad Bin AbdRazak from S&D Motorsports had a close fight with Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team throughout the first half of the race, but Pu Jun Jin was not able to pass him and Najiy got away after 3 laps of chasing. Samson Chan started in the last position and got perfect racing lines and speed for the first few laps and jumped to 6thOverall, but he could not keep up with the pace and missed the opportunity for a Podium place. In the end Maxx Ebenal won the race and DarmaHutomogot the 1st runner up, while Garnet Patterson took the 2nd runner up. In Class B, Andy Zheng wont the champion, Markus Engel from PS Racing Team and Thomas Swift won the 2nd and 3rd runner up respectively. Markus had also won the Master Trophy from the race. Source: